Here are a few examples of video work I've done over the last few years.

A short film promoting the ISCOM Paris communications school.

An ad for Husqvarna chainsaws, which I wrote with DDB Stockholm.

I helped write this highly successful viral video for KLM (over half a million views on day one) with the Swedish agency Happify. 

Tipp-Ex I wrote the script for this interactive video for Tipp-Ex. 21 million views and counting!

DUREX This is a spot I wrote for the Durex condom delivery service in Dubai.

AUTAN I have worked for a number of years on the SC Johnson account, producing print, web and video for their Middle East and Africa markets. This is a 20s spot for AUTAN insect repellent. It's in Hebrew, but I assure you the copy is excellent.

RAID Another SCJ ad, and another one in Hebrew. But this one is for RAID bug spray.